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Swing Wing

The quartet SWING WING
is “The Band within The Band“
The small version of the Allotria Jazz Band.

Since its founding in the late 1990‘s the group, in its original line-up of Rainer Sander (cl), Thilo Wagner (p), Peter Cischeck (b) und Gregor Beck (dms), has been playing in the traditional swing style of the 1940’s and 1950’s.
In Rainer Sander, you can clearly recognize the influences of the great jazz-clarinettists Benny Goodman and Michael “Peanuts“ Hucko, and perhaps also a little Sidney Bechet. Yet Rainer’s musical expression and sound on his instrument remain unmistakeably his own.

With his versatility and playful brilliance pianist Thilo Wagner brings a well-matched and creative execution to all swing improvisations. Add to all of this the pulse and power of bassist Peter Cischeck and the perfect swinging drums of Gregor Beck, and you have a swing quartet of exceptional musicality and individual brilliance that has become a highlight of today’s classic-jazz scene.

And now, following his first CD “Shine“ in 1999, Rainer Sander with his quartet “SWING WING” has released his second CD “Zing“ – a relaxing, jazzy improvisation on melodies encompassing the years from 1918 (After You’ve Gone) to 2004 (Hang On, Little Tomato), emphasizing the motto:

Keep swinging!

Swing Wing