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Welcome to the homepage of the Allotria Jazz Band

What have you found? The site of one of the most successful traditional jazz bands of Central Europe. The Allotria Jazz Band has been performing Classic Jazz for decades and in the jazz scene the band’s name represents „The Fine Notes of Classic Jazz“. As to the name: We think of jazz as American music, yet „Allotria“ doesn’t really sound Anglosaxon/American. So what is the connection between „Allotria“ and jazz?

For over a century there has been an artist association named „Allotria“. A jazz club named „Allotria“ existed from the nineteen-sixties to then nineteen-nineties, and the Allotria Jazz Band has been around for more than 50 years. All of these institutions using the term „Allotria“ as part of their name are from Munich, Germany. Translated from the Greek, „allotrios“ literally means „strange, foreign“.
Today in the Bavarian/Bayuwarian sense it means: mischief, fooling around, kidding.

In the English sense it means: All that jazz! So you see, it all fits together.